Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quote of the Day

Matthew and Brian were playing in the toy room and asked to me come see what they had "built". At first glance, it looked like a big mess to me. Upon further examination, I could tell that they had built some sort of wall halfway across the room using various objects. It almost looked like a fortress.
"Mom, look at our wall. We even have Food Storage!
We're listening to the prophet."

It still amazes me what makes an impression on these young boys!

Another one bites the dust

Monday was an exciting day for our household. It was Brian's 7th birthday and Matthew's first day of preschool. Bobby drove the three oldest kids to school so that he could eat breakfast with them. I stayed home with the younger kids so we would be ready to head to Matthew's school when Bobby got back.
I was in my bathroom getting ready when I heard "bang, bang, bang". It went on for about a minute. When I walked into the hall I saw 1 year old Peyton holding my digital camera. My new one. The one I paid almost $300 for just a few months ago.
I quickly grabbed it so I could put it in my purse to get ready for our big morning at the preschool. I then suddenly realized the banging noise was the little boys beating the life out of my camera. Too bad warranties don't cover the acts of curious little toddlers.
I can't even be mad at them! They are 1 and 2 yrs old. Of course that didn't stop me from being in a foul mood for the rest of the morning. Kicking myself since I couldn't even punish the perpetrators.
I am not the best at remembering to take pictures. The camera seems to get in the way of the "experience" for me. I do take pictures, just not of every single event. But I was trying Monday, it was such a big day for my kids. So I grabbed the old film camera and am hoping I got at least one decent shot.
So it's back to square one on camera shopping for me.