Friday, February 29, 2008

My New Table

I've mentioned that my brother is getting married. Yeah! Well, when we bought our house a year ago, he let us use his dining room table. A big table that we grew up with and he didn't have room for at the time. It was great and very helpful. After paying closing costs, we just weren't ready to go out and buy a new one. So now with the wedding just 7 weeks away, my brother and his fiance have been doing some house shopping of their own and will be needing the table. And with a tax refund coming, Bobby and I are ready to buy the 1st BRAND-NEW table we've ever had!

We spent yesterday looking over our favorites again and finalizing a decision. We've been to several stores over the last couple of weeks and kept going back to Ashley. Bobby preferred one table there and I preferred another. The table he picked is beautiful, I just don't care for the chairs. The one I liked was more casual. He is always so great to me and usually gets what I want, so this time he won. This is the table we bought.

This is my favorite table. Well, my favorite in our price range :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tag You're It!

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me.

I think it's impossible to find 7 things NO ONE knows about you. Unless you lead a secret double life. So I tried to find 7 things that most people probably don't know.

1. I can't stand to drink after anyone. Not even my husband or kids. I will if I'm desperate but it truly grosses me out. If Bobby wants some of my drink, I take a big swallow to get my fill and then give the rest to him.

2. I am an on-again, off-again flybaby. What does that mean? It means that about 5 or 6 years ago my friend introduced me to Flylady. An online motivator meant to help you keep your house clean. She has specific habits she tries to teach but does not believe in perfectionism. Right now I am off-again. Looking around my house right now though, I really need to get back into her swing of things.

3. I love to dance. I have such a good time singing and dancing around the house with my kids. You should see some of the looks they give me. But I am horrified of the thought of anyone else seeing me. Which is completely opposite from my youth. I used to do Scottish dancing. Kilts, knees socks, hair in the bun, bagpipes, swords on the floor, the whole thing. It was great! I traveled through a lot of the southeastern U.S. competing. Then in high school, I was on the dance team. Get out in the middle of the football field and shake my butt and my pom-poms at the whole crowd. So much fun!

4. I love karaoke. But again, you will never see me do it!

5. When I was little I truly thought my name was Erin Go Braugh. My parents have 6 kids and we were at a store near my grandparent's house one day. It was absolutely pouring rain and my parents said it was time to leave. I was holding a doll I really liked so I hung around a few minutes longer. They all ran out to the vehicle in the rain, jumped in and drove away. They arrived at my grandparent's house and everyone quickly ran inside. After a few minutes someone said, "Where's Erin?" UH-OH. I was still at the store hanging out with the cashiers and the doll. They asked me what my name was. "Erin" "What's your last name?" "Go Braugh" When my parents found me, the cashiers told then I insisted that was my name. "I have a sign over my bed that says it," I insisted. They spent the rest of the afternoon trying to convince me that was not my real last name and I truly did have the same last name as my parents.

6. I am not a very good morning person. I'm much better at being a night owl than at waking up early.

7. One of my favorite toys growing up was my parent's camcorder. When my sister and I got together with our cousins, the show was on. We had beauty pageants, complete with commercial breaks. We made music videos. En Vogue, Color Me Badd. We made a murder mystery "movie". And generally goofed off in front of the camera then made the rest of the family sit around and watch! So much fun!

Now that I have embarrassed myself with this, I tag Jessie and Mom.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Look-alikes

I was curious and just had to see what results I would get. I used different pictures and got completely different results. In the first pic, I was at a football game. In the second, I just had my hair flat ironed. I like Elizabeth Shue, Amanda Bynes, Amanda Peet and Calista Flockhart. Natalia just looks scary.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

What kind of call was that???

He was robbed!

Another weekend...Another wrestling tournament.

Bobby had to work and was unable to go to this weekend's wrestling tournament. He can't stand it when he has to miss one. We have to call him after every match with updates.

Andrew did great. He got a bye the first round. He pinned his first and second opponents in the first minute. Now it was time for the championship match. At the beginning of the third round the score was still 0-0. All through the third round Andrew had to keep his opponent down. As soon as the buzzer sounded to signal the end of the match, this official (some high school kid) awarded the opponent an escape point. One point. Andrew's coach was MAD! However, a coach is really not allowed to question an official's judgment. So, this official, Andrew's coach and the other guy's coach (who was his father) argued about it for a few seconds. With Andrew's coach coming out of it yelling, "YOU'RE WRONG!"

I had two coaches from completely different teams standing right behind me saying, "Ain't no way that was an escape point! They never lost contact." Even another coach from this kid's own team (who happens to also coach the Olympic team) and was sitting right next to the kid's father and said it was not an escape and they should have gone into overtime. But what do you think the kid's father is going to say? Of course he's going to be a jerk about it and came out of the argument clapping and nodding at his son. Are you kidding me? Coaches all over that mat were shocked, but this high school kid has final say. Bobby watched the video this afternoon and couldn't believe it.

Now, I'm not one of those moms that is going to start yelling and tell the coach what I think about what just happened. I just quietly sit and video the match. OK, not always quiet, sometimes you might hear me yell on the video, but never at a coach or official. We let Andrew know that he did great along with several other coaches. They told him he didn't lose that match.

The kids are usually pretty good at being friendly at the tournaments. They will run around and play all day and then get out there and wrestle then run around and play some more. Andrew doesn't talk to this kid much and I'm not sure why. The guy that he wrestled a lot last year couldn't understand why Andrew was being nice to him. He had the mind-set of "you're the enemy" most of the time. Finally near the end of the season, he started warming up to the other wrestlers and talking with them more.

Well, now that I've vented about the bad call, I'll get over it, move on and look forward to a rematch next weekend. :)

I don't have any pictures to post right now because I'm always videoing. I'll try to get some though.

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Background

Yea!! I finally figured out how to change my background. Now, I just have to put my links back up. But it's 4 o'clock in the morning and I better get to bed.

1,201 Miles

Bobby and Andrew made their annual trip back to Independence, KS 2 weeks ago. For Matthew and I, it was our first time back in 3 1/2 years. Andrew's wrestling started in Independence when the Hogge family had 3 boys wrestling and encouraged us to let Andrew try a practice. (At that age Andrew was just as energetic and on the go as Matthew is now, if not more.) So, we decided to give it a try. He LOVED it. And still does. He started practicing when he was 4, and went to his first tournament when he was 5. After 2 years with that club, we moved back to Louisiana and were so happy to find a jr wrestling club in Sulphur. Bobby promised Andrew that we would take him back to the tournament in Independence each year. Andrew did not do as well as he hoped this year. Every kid in his bracket was a state finalist in Kansas last year. Tough kids. Andrew took 4th in a four man round robin, but gained a lot of experience against the tougher wrestlers. Before we left the tournament Andrew wrestled an exhibition match against one of his friends. This kid took 2nd in a heavier weight bracket than Andrew's, but Andrew was able to beat him, almost getting a pin but the buzzer went off. It gave Andrew the boost of confidence he needed to come home with. His own wrestling season would start the next weekend in Lafayette. Andrew took 2nd there and has his eyes set on 1st this weekend. If we were still in Kansas Andrew would be practicing 6 hrs a week starting in November with 13 Saturdays in a row of all-day tournaments. Here he practices 2 hrs a week starting in January with 6 tournaments. Don't tell him, but I am actually relieved with the lighter schedule. :)

It was wonderful for me to be able to go with them this year. All the kids came with us. There are so many awesome people that we were able to see in the 48 hours we had to spend there. We stayed for sacrament meeting Sunday morning, but had to leave as soon as it was over. Some of the primary kids were actually upset with us for not letting the boys stay for primary. :) But the kids had school the next day, so we hit the road again, making it home about midnight.

So, Blessing #6. A trip of 1,201 miles without incidence. No breakdowns, flat tires, no one went to the ER :) We had a great time and returned home safely. Yeah!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why did you have to build your house out of brick?

Twice in the past year I have been driving down the interstate and my cell phone rings. It's my son's grandfather, "Your child has just been hurt. What hospital should I bring him to?" Those are not very pleasant words for a mother to hear. Immediately fear grips my heart and my eyes well up with tears fearing the worst. How bad is it?
Almost a year ago in March we bought our house. We had just closed and were beaming with excitement. We left the bank and Bobby was headed to the new house and I was headed to my parent's house to pick up the boys and bring them to meet Bobby. I was thrilled and still enjoying the excitement of what had just happened when about 10 minutes after I left the bank I got a call from my Dad. I don't remember exactly what he said, but only a few words stuck out anyway. "Matthew....hurt....head....What hospital do I take him to?" I started shaking and crying. My little boy was hurt and I really didn't know what to expect. All of the excitement was replaced with fear. Of course everything turned out fine. He has a scar to show for it , but that's life and we made it through. Turns out he tried to run through my parent's glass door in their sun room. My niece described it as he was running full steam ahead and she thought he was going to go right through the glass. Luckily, the door won and did not break. My then two-year old son had split his forehead and learned that even though you can SEE through glass you cannnot RUN through glass.
Fast forward to last Saturday. The day started off with watching the tributes to President Hinckley on the BYU channel. When I decided to take a shower, I told the boys to clean up their rooms and tidy the living room. Well instead of angelically obeying, they trashed the house. I swear it looked twice as bad. Then I walked in the living room and discovered that my husband's recliner was BROKEN. You could tell just by looking at it. I was MAD. Recliners aren't cheap. (In the end my husband fixed it so that the leg rest would fold back down, just don't put your feet up anymore because it will break again.) Now my boys spring into action and start cleaning. UGH! It shouldn't be this way, explaining my feelings of anger, frustration, oh, and regret. I overreacted and I knew better. Now I have to go to my room and finish a talk on baptism for that afternoon. I knew I wouldn't be able to watch Pres. Hinckley's funeral while it was happening so I set it up to record later. The baptism was scheduled to start when the funeral ended. I finished the talk, loaded up the kids in the van and dropped four of them off with my father-in-law. Driving down the interstate on my way to church, I checked my cell phone. It was off so I turned it on and hadn't even set it back down yet when it rang. It was my father-in-law. Again just a few words stick out and everything else is a blur. "Brian fell....,needs stitches,.....What hospital do I take him to?" I'm sure he probably told me what happened and how bad it was, but I didn't hear past my child was hurt and headed to the emergency room. Now what do I do? My husband was at work and I was going to talk at a baptism in a few minutes. I rationalized that it could take a while in the waiting room and maybe I could give my talk and then leave as soon as I was done. I could be out of there in 15 minutes. I said I would give this talk and I didn't want to disappoint an 8 yr old little girl. (sense of responsibilty) I called my husband at work and told him my plan, he called the hospital to tell them that Brian was on his way and I might be a little late with the insurance card.
I got to church and the funeral was still on. I didn't want to go in the chapel, because I didn't want to turn my phone off. So I paced and paced in the foyer. We needed to get this baptism started so I could get to the hospital. I need to go be with Brian. What if he is scared? Daddy is at work and Mommy is still at church. Brian really does need me. I checked the time on my phone again. 1:27 - I was really anxious for this 1:30 baptism to start. (urgency) The funeral was still on. What do I do? I walked into the chapel, sat down next to a missionary, told her I was meeting my son at the hospital, I wasn't staying for the baptism and left. I got to the hospital and was surprised that my father-in-law wasn't there yet. I waited for them and when I saw Brian and his Paw-Paw walking toward the ER they were laughing!! Brian was holding a towel and big bag of ice over his face and Paw-Paw was trying to hold Brian up who was having trouble walking in his skate shoes. Everytime Brian would slip in his shoes they would start giggling. When he took the towel off his head, WHEW - I had seen worse. This was gonna be fine. What a relief!!!
While they were driving Brian asked, "Paw-Paw, why did you have to build your house out of brick? Wood would have been safer."
The ER doc was great. He told us that he could glue it, but he would prefer to stitch it. He explained the options to Brian and let him choose. Not me, his mother, no, he asked Brian to decide. Brian chose stitches!! I think even the doctor was surprised and told Brian that he had made a "wise" decision. He explained everything to Brian, who was calm and very brave through the whole thing. I never saw him cry. I was amazed!!! In the past Matthew has been wrapped up in a sheet and held down while I run down the hall because I couldn't stand to hear him screaming. But Brian was awesome! I offered him anything he wanted for dinner. He chose waffles and ice cream. :)

When we got home I sat down and watched the funeral. I cried and laughed as I watched. Some of the pictures of Pres. Hincklely remind me of my grandfather. The gray hair, gold wire rimmed bifocal glasses, his wrinkles and that twinkle in his eye. I miss him a lot.
Then the phone rang with news of an engagment. (See Blessing #5)

So that was my day Saturday. I yelled at my kids, ran out on my responsibilities at church, rushed to the ER, cried at a funeral and ran through the house with excitement (the engagement). That was a good note to end the day on.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blessing #5 - Our family is growing larger

Well I said on Saturday that I felt shock, excitement, love and happiness. I unexpectedly found out that our family is growing larger. Around 8 pm picture mail and text messages flew through cyberspace as family members got the news. My Dad was at the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference when his phone started vibrating. He checked his phone and then immediately called my Mom to ask, "Does this mean what I think it means?" She didn't know what he was talking about. Mom didn't hear her cell phone alert her that she had a new message since it was in the other room. She checked it just to make sure. She had indeed received the same message that Dad had. More family members started calling Mom to find out if they were interpreting the message correctly.
At 8:15 my home phone rang. It was my mom. She asked, "Did you receive a picture mail from Greg?" (Greg is my brother.)
I didn't think I had, turns out I did but I didn't hear my cell phone alert either. Besides I can't receive picture mail to my cell phone.
"Well I have," Mom said. "It's a picture of a hand.........A hand with a ring on it!" GASP!!!
Immediately I understood. My brother Greg proposed to his girlfriend Nancy Saturday evening. So I am gaining a sister-in-law, a niece and a nephew. My new niece and nephew are two of the kids I baby-sit!!!
I called Nancy's phone - no answer. I called Greg's phone - my 5 yr old nephew, Zachary, answered. I talked to him for a few minutes and then Nathan, my soon-to-be nephew, got on the phone. "Miss Erin!" he said.
"You are not allowed to call me Miss Erin anymore," I informed him.
With all sincerity and confusion he asked, "Why wouldn't I call you Miss Erin anymore?"
"Because you have to call me AUNT Erin!"
He started laughing, "How did you know my mom was getting married?"
They were still trying to eat dinner at the restaurant where Greg proposed. Word travels fast!!
Anyway, I am thrilled. I'm even told a wedding could be as soon as March. MARCH!! It's already February!!! When Greg and Nancy told my 96 yr old grandmother, she asked "When?" Greg teased her with "Tonight!" She told them she needed enough advanced warning to get her good dress on!!

Blessing #4

It is truly a blessing that we have President Thomas S. Monson to lead the church now. As he said, he worked closely with President Hinckley for many, many years. I believe that he is a prophet of God and the man who should be leading the church at this time.


Okay, I'm not the biggest football fan. But I am married to one and my oldest son Andrew LOVES football. So I have learned a lot more and started watching more games with Andrew. When I was young I would watch the halftime show of the Superbowl and be bored with the rest. I didn't watch very much of the first half, because I was in the kitchen or with kids. But the second half was awesome. Everyone here was routing for the Giants from the beginning (we cheer for the Manning boys - Louisiana boys) everyone except for Nancy. She was all about Tom Brady, until the fourth quarter when she saw the light.
Half time show was pretty boring. I remember them being much more exciting when I was younger. But the game was fun to watch and we had a good time.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A very emotional day

It has been a long day. I have felt quite a range of emotions today.
sense of responsibility
And now I am tired. I will try to expand on these feelings in the next few days. For now I am going to bed and hope that tomorrow won't be quite as eventful.
Not that it was a "bad" day. But it was very eventful and emotional. Overall I am grateful for the things that happened today, I just wasn't expecting them. :)

Blessing #3

President Hinckley was such a blessing to all of our lives. We can continue to be blessed by reading his words and following his example. He accomplished so many things while he was on the earth. He has taken the next step, and I am sure he will continue to accomplish many great things as he continues on.