Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Young Man

Andrew is now 12 years old! He is officially a young man at church. It is hard for me to see him leave Primary.

Andrew is truly the man of the house when Daddy is at work. He...

-chases after wasps with the bug spray
-kills spiders or any bugs that get in the house
-chases after Spencer when he starts running down the street
-is very protective of his little brothers
-wakes his brothers up in the morning to start getting ready for school
-can prepare his own food
-gathers firewood and starts the fire in the fireplace
-will do laundry (when there is something he wants to wear the next day) ;)
-reads to his little brothers
-mows the lawn
-kills snakes in the yard
-and is a HUGE help with anything I ask!

I LOVE YOU ANDREW!!! Happy Birthday Bear!!!


Chris 'n Leah said...

YOUNGMENS?!!!! I can hardly believe that's true. In just a few short years he'll be dating!!!

Unreal how quickly time goes by.

PS-how are things going for you guys?

Gayla said...

Welcome back to blogging. Happy B-day Andrew!

Andrea said...

Twelve!! Oh my!! Girl, I can't imagine having a 12 year old!! But Andrew sounds like a wonderful Young Man!! Happy Late Birthday!

Marc and Letty said...

He is a good kid (young man).