Monday, January 12, 2009

In Training

Training starts today

89 days to go

10,000 meters

6.2 miles

Party at the finish line

I have decided to participate in the Crescent City Classic this year. I've never done it before, but can remember waiting for my brothers at the finish line when I was a kid. The heel of my sneakers recently fell off so now is the perfect opportunity to get myself a good pair of shoes.

Running has never been enjoyable to me. So, my aunt and I are going to speed walk it. Considering the fact that the only exercise I get right now is chasing after kids, I need to get out walking everyday to prepare. I am really getting excited about it and really hope that the weather is beautiful that day!


Leah said...

Good Luck! I think that is awesome! There is something so revitalizing about doing something just for yourself. It feels so good and makes you a better mom/wife (just as a bonus).

Andrea said...

Girl!! That is a long way!! You are one tuff cookie!! And good luck training!! It definalty will be an adventure!! And I am sure it will be all worth it when you cross the finish line!!

Be A Saint said...

Wow, that sounds so great!! I love having something real to work towards. I think we are about to do something like that in our family.

Andrea said...

Hey Erin, I want to send you your suckers and for some reason I can't find your address. So, could you please email it to me and I will get them sent to you. If not you will force me to drive over there and hand deliver them!! :)

Jenny Updike said...

Impressive! Best of luck. You're inspiring me!

Laura said...

If you need a training partner, let me know! It would do good to kick my butt into gear.