Thursday, January 8, 2009

National English Toffee Day

Today is National English Toffee Day. (According to the DJs on my radio this morning when my alarm went off) ;) So I figured this was the perfect day to talk about the free toffee I received.

English Toffee Anytime sent me a whole pound of Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee. I was thinking it would be nice to try it. I've tried toffee before and it's okay. This toffee is divine. It was so much better than I expected. There are almond pieces inside the toffee surrounded by the most delicious milk chocolate topped with crushed almond, which is almost like a powder. The textures and flavors are all perfect.

From their website:

Buttery almond toffee covered with pure Guittard chocolate and coated with the finest chopped almonds. English Toffee Anytime is preferred by discerning toffee connoisseurs everywhere. Prepared to perfection, free of preservatives, and each box is hand packed and shipped without delay. Life's Essential Indulgence is perfect for traditional celebrations, but anytime is even better.

Happy National English Toffee Day!

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Bella In The Bayou said...

We enjoyed the toffee here too! I'm thinking of sending some to my friend for her birthday, I bet she'll love me for it. What do you think?