Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Lucky Day

I was having a terrible day. I left my purse loaded with cash at the ball park, I locked my keys inside my van when I went to the store, I slipped on my freshly mopped floor as I took dinner out of the oven. I was still shaky inside and couldn't believe the bad day I was having.

Well when I went back to the ballpark, my purse had been untouched. I don't think anyone there even moved it, they all just ignored it. I am so grateful for that because it could have had a really bad outcome. Bobby was able to come unlock my van (even though I had to wake him up because he's working nights). While waiting for him I ran into 2 families and another friend in the shopping center. It was nice to have a good group of people to wait with. When I slipped on the floor, I just knew I was going to hit the floor hard while holding this hot, glass pan. But my front foot caught the bottom of the cabinet and stopped me with a jolt. I just carefully set the pan down on the counter and couldn't believe I avoided that disaster.

So here I was feeling terrible inside when I remembered what a man from our ward briefly said as we waited for Bobby. That it must be my lucky day because no one took my purse. I thought about that and almost started laughing. It must be my lucky day because of all of the disasters that could have been and didn't. I suddenly felt so much better inside and happy again. All of the shakiness was gone.

Then the phone rang. My sister-in-law informed me that they were okay, but a dump truck had backed into them. They were in her small sedan. She said they got slammed pretty good and were waiting for the tow truck. The important thing was they were okay.

So, yea, I feel pretty lucky today. The day could have had a much different outcome.


Leah said...

That is a Lucky Day! I am glad that when it was all said and done you weren't burned or out a lot of money not to mention not having to cancel credit cards, get a new drivers license, etc.

It's like little rays of sun that make their way though the clouds...I love that!

Andrea said...

Girl, what a day!! And it did turn out good. I once left my purse in a shopping cart in South Jordan, UT. And i went back two hours later and it was still there. Amazing how God works!!

And I am glad everyone is safe. That dump truck could have been scary!!

Jessica said...

You are lucky (blessed)! Glad everything is ok!

Marc and Letty said...

Sometime we have bad days, but don't forget, "God is with us all the time"..

Laura said...

You now you are SERIOUSLY lagging on your blogging, right? lol

Chris 'n Leah said...

Erin, how are you doing? I was thinking about you today and missing your updates, I hope all is well with your family!